MMORPG News: Upcoming MMO "Project BBQ", "Population Zero", A:IR News, Lost Ark Gets Publisher

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Top 10 Most Played MMORPGs in 2019 - What MMOs SHOULD You Be Playing!?!

(ง'̀-'́)ง SCROLL DOWN! (ง'̀-'́)ง ⌖ It's that time of the year again. Almost Christmas - and subsequently the end of the year. With the end of the year being right around the corner, we're left once again wondering what MMORPGs are worth our time going into 2019. While I will do a video on that sometime in the future, I've had a plethora of requests to do a follow-up to our most viewed video of all time: "The Top 10 Most Played MMORPGs in 2018". So in this video, I'm going to address the most populated MMO and MMORPG alike going into 2019. I will be including non-traditional MMOs in this video as well, so do take note of that. ⌖ Play These MMORPGs Online: ⌖ Burning Soul Worker: ⌖ Final Fantasy XIV: ⌖ Elder Scrolls Online: ⌖ Scarlet Blade: ⌖ Guild Wars 2: ⌖ RuneScape: ⌖ MapleStory 2: ⌖ NosTale Vendetta: ⌖ Blade & Soul: ⌖ Lineage 2: Classic: ⌖ Black Desert Online: ⌖ Eden Eternal Vendetta: ⌖ World of Warcraft: ⌖ Top 10 Most Played MMORPGs in 2019 - What MMOs SHOULD You Be Playing!?!: ⌖ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ヽ(´▽`)/: ⌖ FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Discord - Twitch: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: ⌖ FOLLOW STIX ヽ(´▽`)/: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: ⌖ FOLLOW WIGGY: Twitter:

MMORPG News: WE GOT NEW MMOS COMING! Lost Ark Beta, Dragon Hound, Astellia, Blade & Soul 2

(ง'̀-'́)ง SCROLL DOWN! (ง'̀-'́)ง ⌖ This week had quite a few announcements. Dragon Hound was just announced and shown off at G-STAR 2018. Star Citizen is offering players the ability to jump into the game and trial it for free. Vindictus is introducing their new male class "Grimdem", Blade & Soul are not releasing their new Lyn Warden class, Final Fantasy XIV is launching their new Shadowbringers expansion with various new jobs including the Blue Mage, Lost Ark is having open beta issues and banning non-Korean IPs. Echo of Soul is re-relasing in North America. TERA is releasing the Brawler class for the adorable little Elin. Warframe off of the success of their Fortuna update is at an all time high in terms of population. Bless Online is still trying to milk money out of its community. RaiderZ has new footage showing how far they've come. Astellia Online now has a confirmed release date. Blade & Soul 2, Blade & Soul: Revolution, Blade & Soul M, Blade & Soul S all have information revealed. Lineage 2M has been announced and has footage revealed. ⌖ Read more about all of these games: ⌖ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ヽ(´▽`)/: ⌖ FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Discord - Twitch: Patreon: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: ⌖ FOLLOW STIX ヽ(´▽`)/: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: ⌖ FOLLOW WIGGY: Twitter:

[BDO] Rags to Riches PART 1 - Introduction & Setup

Rags to Riches 2 OUT NOW - Welcome to the very first episode of my Black Desert Online series, Rags to Riches. In this video series, I'm going to be starting a brand new fresh account and showing how through very simple grinding and lifeskills you can amass enough to build yourself a strong grinding character that can do most endgame content. Hopefully you all enjoy this series, I had a lot of fun making the first episode and hopefully you guys will enjoy it as much as I did making it Today, we cover: Class Selection Class Opinions Black Spirit Questing Removing Server Messages Custom Chat Boxes Black Desert Online is a sandbox, living-world MMORPG. Experience fast-paced, action-packed combat, hunt monsters and huge bosses, fight with friends in a guild to siege nodes and conquer castles, train your life skills such as fishing, trading, crafting, cooking, and much more!

Ranking Items in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

We couldn't find a way to comfortably rank healing items and crates, but I hope this tier list is good enough for you!! If you want to see any other kinds of rankings, let us know in the comments!! #SuperSmashBros #SmashBrosUltimate #Alpharad ~Subscribe~ ~Social Media~ Twitter: Twitch: Instagram: Facebook: Steam: ~Shirts~

Species: Artificial Life but a psycho is in charge of evolution

Species: Artificial Life allows anyone to evolve anything, BIG MISTAKE My Patreon: Merch: Twitter: Instagram: PO BOX: Kevin P.O BOX 40 Midleton DSU Co.Cork Ireland Edited by @Kippesoep001, @tropicalfreeze2 and Kevin Patreon Producers ♥ A Thirsty Ghost Aaron Watson Adam Harmston Adam Midderigh Alec McGillivray Alex Dery Nell Alex Hennie-Roed Alex Ohlsen Alice Painter Aline Amy Sowada Anders Anders Johnsen Andrew Carreiro Andrey Chicgagov Annie Z Anthony Keller Ari Carr Ash Young Ashlyn Mashburn Atomic F. Magician Augustus McCullough Austin Kohagen Ava Victoria Becca Becky Loxterkamp Ben Mckimm Ben Melvin Beth Potts Bethany Holligan Billy McGuire Birdnation Blair Krolak Brett Bri Gilly Brianna Briar Cooper Brittany LaChapelle Broken Toothbrush Cackles Calhoun Cattell Calvin Mysko Cameron Stewart Cara Barugh Casey Brelsford Cassandra Huynh casterlyrockstar Catelyn Berglund Charli Walker Chloë Curtin Clayton Garrett Connor David O'Brien Corrie Sachs Damian Grudzien Damian2211 Dan Hatcher Daniel Higgins Daniel Mark Rezendes Daniel Vikestad Fornes Daniella Cioffi DarthPink David Burleigh Dejan Markx Denny lawlor Dominik Bender Drew Schairer Dylan ectoling Ectoplasmictoast Eden Kaufman Eleanor Rist Elektra Krusell Elisa Shafer Elspeth Shell-Moyer Espen Sande Larsen Espen Sande Larsen Excinic Faylene Keep (SL name EPDreary) Fig Tree Reborn Finlay Goodman Finn H Drude Forestbreeze Gabby Dawood Gaetan Aguentil Garrett Mozingo Gary Conroy Gil greenegg Hafsa hayzlit Heather Heather M HummaKavula Ian Farrington Ida Emilie Jensen Idril Igor Kozak Ilia Abashin infinite book Infinite WingWah Itaki Vlar'mon Jack Gregory Jacob Brinkworth Jacqui Sebo Jade Goodman Jaiden James Highmore Jamie Hurley Jana Hartmannova Jana Suchomelová Jannik Jokić JaxAttaz Jaxsen JD Money Jessica Corazza Jessica Kiefer Jessica. Mrs Vain. Jessie Medina Jill Wind Joe Thomas Jonny Wheater Jordan Hogue Jordin MacDonald Josh Strike joshua mavoa JuanG Julia Miller Julianne Trammell JumboGibbon Kaedyn Graham Kara Bond Kat Raine Kathleen Bruce Kathleen Phillips Katie L Wheeler Katrina Singley Kaylee Miller Keith Kenneth Findley Kinga Zmuda KrashBash Kristina Gonzalez Kurobasaka Kyle Scott Lady Charon Laurathehulk Lauren Miedel Laurenz Youngblood LeadingTie9 Lenny Salter Leonard Ratzlaff Letty Mason Lewis libby h Lindsey lionxv Logan Carter Logan Martin Louise Ivy Lucy Buglass Luxor madcap Maeve Maeve King-Devery MagicalFlyingFox MagnificentMaja Maiken Lian Mario Rathmacher Mathias Svedberg Meesh Michaela Tharby Mikaela K Misery MissPengywin misterbob Mitchell Bond Mitchell Stevenson Mmkdan Momina Erdosy mynameisnotlinda Nadia Ruotolo Nate Robles Necia Navine Neta Feldman Nicholas Vann Nickolas Cucumber Nicoa-Jane Henfrey Nicolas Schmuck Oli Skivington Oliver Deane Paige phillips Pedrothegeneral Peter O'Flynn Phil Nottage Philipp Wagner Pia Salter pip Povilas Rūgys Pylades Drunk Randall Ratermann Rebecca Hambery Remo Taudien Renee Lassen Rikz Dehli Robin Lindström Robyn Gray-McMath Rosa Ameling Rowan Aldridge Ryan Humphreys Sam Rush Samantha Avis Samm Lafferty Sarge Seabass Seb P Sgt Chubb Shane Amanda Shane Laymance shane mclernon Shane Mitchell Shane Murphy Sheri Gruver Signal42 Sir Jimothy of the Pickens Skylar Horstman Sorrelfox Squibidy Stephanie Robinson Sverre Reiten Sydney Stamford Taylorwailer Thomas Cave Tmac Trinemaus Tímea Farkas ughitstanja Victor Vincent W weeknder Whitley WolfeyQ YakSmash

(ง'̀-'́)ง SCROLL DOWN! (ง'̀-'́)ง

⌖ It's Christmas, soon! What better way to celebrate Christmas than with new MMOs!

⌖ Today we'll talking about the new "Early Access" release "Atlas", Lost Ark's confirmed Russian publisher, Ashes of Creation disappointing fans once again with their "Apocalypse" battle royale, the upcoming Anime action MMO "Project BBQ", the upcoming Sci-fi MMO "Population Zero", "Ascent: Infinite Realm" news, "Final Fantasy XIV's" 4.5 patch, and "Guild Wars 2's" new Living Story update.

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